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Bike saddles are very personal objects.  Ask several cyclists of their favorite models and you will receive very different responses—even if the riders are similar in size and skill level. In the next few pages you’ll find a range of seats designed for varying physiques, riding styles and shape preferences.  With over 30 thoroughly-researched, rider-tested models, WTB offers the ideal perch for everyone from world champion racers to their grandmothers.  No matter what your age, gender or ability level, we’re guessing that you’re not a fan of numbness or pain in your nether regions.  Because we care about your comfort, you’ll find several key anatomically-friendly features that span the entire WTB saddle line.  These proprietary designs place more support on your ischial bones (“sit bones”) and less weight on sensitive soft tissue.  As a rule, WTB saddles are flatter in profile than others.  Our profile supports your sit bones and relieves pressure from sensitive areas, whereas rounder saddles pull the pelvic girdle apart, placing pressure where you don’t want it.

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