JB Softy Foam Lockon Black Grips Black Rings

Description JB Softy Foam Lockon Black
Grips Black Rings

Softy Lock-On Grips
Riders will love the combination of comfort and control offered by the Softy grip. It’s designed to be super lightweight and has the perfect ergonomic shape for racing. The foam used on the Softy grip acts as a shock absorber to minimise hand and wrist discomfort and the micro porous yet smooth feeling surface is non-slip under even the wettest of conditions.

• Versatile mid size profile for many hand shapes
• Slim ergonomic shape for great trail feedback and comfort
• Ergonomic design for ultimate comfort and numbness reduction
• Great shock absorption properties to reduce hand fatigue
• Dual lock-on grip system to eliminate grip rotation
• Super lightweight grip for the racer who knows every gram counts
• Low twist/torque for technical trail control

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