WhisperDrive+ Bike Fit Package Pack = Trainer+Mat+Boost Adapt +Shimano/Campy Freehub

Description WhisperDrive+ Bike Fit Package
Pack = Trainer+Mat+Boost Adapt
+Shimano/Campy Freehub

Introductory BIKE FIT WhisperDrive Plus and Trainer Mat Offer

Setup your Bike Fit trainer station with a JetBlack Cycling WhisperDrive Plus and Trainer Mat

The WhisperDRIVE Plus now transforms into a Virtual Power meter with the inclusion of the JetBlack Speed Sensor and our JetBlack training app or other compatible trainer apps.
Displays speed data in most trainer apps, smartphones, watches and cycle computers with either Bluetooth Smart or ANT+ wireless technology. 

UPSELLthe WhisperDrive Plus when fitting your customers' new bike, add value for the customer and another sale for the shop. 

Drive sales to the next level.

For more info on the WhisperDrive Plus click here.


*Package includes 1 x WhisperDrive Plus and 1 x JetBlack Cycling Trainer Mat,
1 x Campy Freehub, 1 x Boost Adaptor. Cost per single package $330 ex GST.
Limited to two packages per store. Offer Valid 30/09/2017, or whilst stocks last.

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