WTB - Nine Line 2.25 29" Light FR Tire

Code WT-W010-0520
Description WTB - Nine Line 2.25 29"
Light FR Tire

Nine Line :: 2.25" :: 29" 

TCS: Light (Fast Rolling)
USAGE:  XC / XC Racing
CONDITIONS: Dry to Damp / Hardpack to Sand
WEIGHT: 635g 

The Nine Line is the new-school approach to a top notch, 29-inch specific, lightweight race tire.  Our global team of racers collaborated to make a tire with the ability to accelerate and roll like no other.  Its micro-square knob tread design and supple casing provide impressive traction to keep you in control while you haul the mail.

FEATURES: Low profile, Dense tread, Centerline ramp, Mid-sized transition and outside knobs

BENEFITS: Very lightweight and fast rolling, Good cling on rock and soil, Stable cornering and dirt evacuation from center tread

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