WTB - Convict 2.5 27.5' TCS Tough/ High Grip

Code WT-W010-0632
Description WTB - Convict 2.5 27.5'
TCS Tough/ High Grip

The Convict epitomizes the toothy tread and robust features of a truly aggressive gravity tire. Guilty of first-degree loam assault. Sentenced to life for devouring the gnarliest descents.


  • Wide, blocky knobs till through loose, rocky terrain while also increasing braking traction. 
  • Prominent outer knobs extend over the edge of the tire to provide additional sidewall protection.
  • Meaty and robust, the Convict is the ideal tire for downhill enthusiasts.
  • Provides steadfast traction both front and rear, it also pairs nicely with a Vigilante on the rear. 

REVIEWS: Vital MTB - Enduro Mag - Blister Gear Review - MTBR.com

WTB Tire Technology


USAGE: Gravity / Enduro
CONDITIONS: Dry to Damp / Loose, Hardpack, Rocky, Loam

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