White grease formulated for two wheel applications, in a 3kg tin.

  • Excellent lubricity reducing wear
  • Inhibits corrosion
  • Exceptional water resistance
  • Easy application and high visibility
  • For use on headsets, wheel bearings, and bottom brackets in a 40g tube

You can apply grease with your fingers, but for a less messy and more accurate method, the Weldtite Grease Gun is ideal. Lightweight and durable. Easy one handed clean application. Precision sealed pump prevents leaks. Can be stripped down for cleaning and servicing. Nozzle size suitable for bicycle grease nipples. Product supplied on printed blister card.

Quite simply the most advanced chain lube we have ever made.
  • Developed for the Aqua Blue Sport race team, the performance is unparalleled by any other lube on the market
  • The cermamic additives keep heat build-up in the drivetrain to a minimum
  • The wax maintains smooth running and reduces wear in moving components, for a truly outstanding ride


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