Blue dinosaur

We want every bar to taste as good as a hand-baked cake,
while only being made with real, whole food ingredients

Who We Are

We started Blue Dinosaur to be a whole new option of healthy snacking. Little hand-baked snacks consisting of very few ingredients, which taste as good as your Nan’s cooking and can fit in your pocket. We eat food because it’s food, and we make good food to be just that, good food.

Our Promise

We only ever want to make amazing food.

We will never use chemicals, binders, flavours, preservatives, or anything artificial, and we will make every single bar by hand.​

Our Protein Bars

Blue Dinosaur has crashed into the world of protein bars with a force that will change the world for ever. With up to 24g of protein in a 60g bar, only six beautifully natural, real food ingredients and a taste as good as anything we’ve ever made. Welcome to the cleanest protein bars in the world!

Our Super Bites

Decadent, handmade, whole-food treats. Each bite has been designed to take you to your happy place in the healthiest way possible. Our 30g nut-free Bites are a ridiculously healthy, grab-n-go snack. Packed full of whole-food ingredients they are the perfect energy boost, natural sweet snack or tasty lunch box filler.

Our Paleo Bars

Blue Dinosaur Bars are a plant based, gluten and dairy free healthy snack made from only 5 real, wholefood ingredients. Packed with loads of natural energy and good fats, they are perfect to have before or after a workout, as a 3pm pick me up or any time you are looking to make a healthier snacking choice.

Oh and why did we choose the name Blue Dinosaur?

That was nothing more than fulfilling a promise I made to my best mate when I was 14; if either one of us were to start a business, that business would be named Blue Dinosaur. So, as I am a man of my word, that's what I did.

We focus on the joy of eating simple, good food.


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