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About Cruzee Bikes

Cruzee Balance Bikes open up a whole new world of fun and exercise for you and your child. Inspiring freedom and independence and helping your child become mobile and active at an astonishingly early age. Even a small trip around the block is a big adventure for a 2-year-old on a Cruzee. Cherish every moment with your toddler as you watch your child’s confidence grow while creating a strong bond between you that will last a lifetime.

Why Cruzee

Our motivation for creating Cruzee Balance Bikes is driven first and foremost by being parents, and like all parents we want the best for our children. 

Cruzee bikes are the product of being both parents, and having a decades long career developing world-class bikes and related products. We can think of no better place to apply decades of learning than to making a positive impression on the generations that follow. We have engaged the best cycle component manufacturers, material suppliers, and assembly plants, with all of our efforts centered around a deceptively simple idea: make a bike that excels in all ways, while maintaining its affordability & accessibility to as many families as possible. We deeply feel the need to do our best to insure all of our children can grow up in a world that is clean and safe. So, in addition to engineering & production excellence, we have always focused on environmental sustainability & responsibility.

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Teaching a New Rider

Balance Bike Adventures

Safe & Easy

Extra low seat position & comfortable design. A Cruzee is safe for all young riders. Easy adjustments and two sizes of seat post. This bike will grow with your child.


The aircraft grade anodized aluminium frame is extremely strong and will not rust. Sealed wheel bearings and tyres. A Cruzee Balance Bike will survive what ever your child can throw at it!


Lightweight design makes the Cruzee easy for you and your child to carry.

cruzee bikes

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