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Who we are

JetBlack Cycling is a family owned Australian company that places high value on family, fun and fitness.

We supply quality products to road riders, mountain bikers, triathletes and recreational cyclists.

“Right from when we started we always had the desire to not only be a distributor of great brands, but to build our own brands,” recalls Tony Simmonds (Co-Founder & Managing Director). One of the key motivations for this was the ability to see potential improvements upon existing products, and through thoughtful innovation, make them even better and more affordable, and not just for Australians, but for cyclists all around the world.

We believe in providing quality products at affordable prices, and this philosophy has been consistent from the very first JetBlack product, the Superlight mountain bike pedals. These pedals have been so successful that we still sell them today, and since that time the product line has increased to over 60 items. These are as varied as photochromatic sunglasses to brake pads and from rollers to grips.

JetBlack staff are serious bike riders, competing in all disciplines, road, XC, downhill and triathlon. This means that the products are designed for riders, by riders. Our products are intensively tested by JetBlack staff and many of their sponsored riders prior to giving the OK for full manufacture, so you know they’ll perform the way you need them to.

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"...They say ‘good things come to those who wait’...the first few pedal strokes proved the unit was well worth the wait."
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"A solid mid-range model that impresses with its low noise development and does not have to hide in comparison with the big brands"
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Overall rated 4.7 stars by real customers
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"The Smart Trainer that's a little bit smarter than the rest. Punching well above their weight up against the big four in this space."
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"If you are in the market for a smart trainer, I seriously recommend the JetBlack Volt..."

Why Choose JetBlack?

Value for money

We recognise the cost of our sport, which is why JetBlack strives to bring you the best product at the best price, without compromise on performance or quality

Community Driven

We are a family owned business and are passionate about our sport and lifestyle. This passion drives us to innovate for the good of the cycling community.

In-House Support

We take pride in providing the best support in the industry. Give us a call if you have an issue or if you just want to chat about your trainer.

Designed by Cyclists

At JetBlack we design and manufacture our own cycling products and distribute them world-wide. JetBlack products are designed for riders, by riders.
Innovation and affordability is the heartbeat of JetBlack.

train harder with JetBlack

We offer a range of trainers to suit your needs, your goals, and your price-point. 

Check out some of the options below:


An accessible and rider optimised, performance driven electro-magnetic trainer.

The VOLT™ comes pre-assembled with an 11 speed cassette making it super easy to start riding.  There are no added costs. Attach your bike, CONNECT AND GO. It has been designed with industry standard protocols and electronics to seamlessly connect with most popular training platforms. The Volt™ is extremely quiet and provides an exceptional riding experience.

Z1 Pro Fluid Trainer

A high quality, fluid resistance bicycle trainer.

The Z1Pro provides a more ‘road-like’ feel than magnetic trainers. This feel is increased by a higher weight flywheel, leading to longer coast down times.The proprietary fluid in the JetBlack Z1 PRO Fluid increases resistance exponentially, the faster you spin the harder it gets. When used with the full range of JetBlack sensors, you can enjoy training sessions identical to those used by professional cycling teams.

A high quality, magnetic resistance bicycle trainer.

The M5 Pro magnetic resistance allows fine tuning of your training schedule through the combination of five levels of resistance adjustment and correct gear selection. Where a fluid trainer increases resistance according to the speed of the flywheel, a magnetic trainer can be overridden, making it suitable for recovery sessions, climbing and specifically tailored workouts.

Take your training to the next level

Get all the feedback you need to become a better cyclist!

Keep track and compare all your indoor sessions using the app’s helpful built-in features and metrics. The JETBLACK CYCLING APP is the indoor training app you have been waiting for.​

Ride The World With All Your Favourite Apps

JetBlack smart trainers have been designed with industry standard protocols and electronics to seamlessly connect with most popular training platforms and provide an exceptional riding experience.

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beyond our trainers

JetBlack Jetstream Eyewear, Gloss Black W' Black Tips, Photochromic:Smoke:Clear Lens


JetBlack JetRace MTB X Bag, Medium, Black JetBlack Products


JetBlack Big Fella Floor Pump JetBlack Products


JetBlack Switch Carbon Reversible Side Load Bottle Cage JetBlack Products


JetBlack 4 Bike Double Folding Hitched Jetrack JetBlack Products


JetBlack Pin Lock On Grips, Black:Red Rings JetBlack Products


innovation & affordability

We aim to provide the best products at the best prices.

JetBlack products are conceived and designed in Australia before being manufactured, and we completely control the manufacturing process so you can be sure of the quality control of each and every product. This control also allows us to keep price to a minimum. Stationary trainers are the heart and soul of the JetBlack company and there’s a good chance that you will have seen one of our distinctive orange and black designs in your local bike shop.

Our Z1 Pro, a fluid trainer with genuine progressive resistance, received the prestigious International IF Design and Innovation award at the 2012 Taipei Cycle Show. JetBlack won the prize again in 2013 with the JetBox top tube mounting, fuel bag. This bag’s unique design and magnetic closure system allows easy access on the bike without the need to slow down – sure to be a hit with triathletes and time trialists alike.


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