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About us

Light & Motion is celebrating 20 years of pioneering state-of-the-art lighting systems.

What can we say? We love lights. Lights that take us deep into the sea. Lights that take us over the mountains. Lights that bring us to places we would otherwise never be.
Our lights are designed and built on Cannery Row overlooking North America’s Largest Marine Sanctuary in Monterey, California. Our commitment to building a business grounded on quality, value, resource conservation and community is evident in every aspect of what we do. Even our workspace, which was once a thriving cannery building-turned-evidence of a lifestyle long extinguished, is now a pulsing creative and manufacturing space.

Our kaizen approach to business has been recognize with several industry awards including the Monterey County “Green Business Award”; the California WRAP award, and the 2008 California Small Business of the Year Award.

Our mission

Light & Motion designs, manufactures, and sells consumer products that use cutting-edge technology and innovative design to meet both the recognized and unrecognized needs of our customers. One principle guides all we do: our products, and our personal interactions, should enhance the lives of our customers. Further, we vehemently support our customers and products by creating an organization that exemplifies and embraces the ideals of quality and trust.

Light & Motion Mtb Head Mount Jetblack Products

Taz 2000

The world's most powerful battery-integrated light for cyclists who require exceptional range of vision.

Custom-engineered optics specifically engineered to provide cyclists a wide beam ideal for handlebar illumination.  A penetrating LED array gives a powerful spot beam in conjunction with a diffused flood beam ideal for both road and trail use to provide exceptional range of vision for serious rides.  Amber sidelights and a daytime pulse mode ensure road visibility but a secondary button allows the side lighting to be turned off when on the trail.

Trail 1000

Mount on a helmet or handlebar and pump out an impressive 1000 lumens to light up the night.

The serious trail rider needs premium performance with unflinching reliability, and the Trail 1000 delivers. The impressive power provides an ideal range of vision with a smooth reflector to provide punch down the trail.  Easily mount on standard or oversize handlebars with a mount that provides enhanced grip to ensure the light doesn’t slip during critical downhill sections. This is the only waterproof trail light with an IP67 rating – meaning the light is certified to withstand water immersion up to 1 meter depth.  Ride with confidence, in any condition, knowing the light is up for the challenge.  When it comes time to recharge, plug the included Micro USB cable into any 2 Amp charger and the FC (Fast charge) Electronics ensure a full charge in 2.5 hours.  From after work night laps to full-on 24 hour racing, the Trail 1000 is the choice for ultra-compact power.

Lightmotion Trail

Vya Pro Commuter Combo

The ultimate in commuter technology, designed to provide riders a compact and ultra-visible front and rear lighting set.

Bike safety reinvented, Vya Pro Smart Lights provide an uncompromising powerful SafePulse beam with convenience commuters love. Smart auto-on/off sensors are a true game changer – start riding and the light turns on automatically and will shut itself off after the ride, with a delay built in to remain on at stoplights. Whereas Vya taillights will always pulse for effective rear visibility, the smart headlight senses ambient light and knows to pulse in the daytime but remain steady at night – automatically adjusting to the safest riding mode possible.  

urban 1000

The latest in bike light technology, performance is enhanced by industry leading safety features.

Daily commuting requires equipment that provides superior performance, in any condition, day after day.  Urban 1000 blends impressive power with a safety feature set unmatched in cycling lights.  High visibility is paramount and the platform has dedicated amber sidelights that are distinct and easily recognizable by drivers, especially through intersections.  City riders will appreciate the exclusive SafePulse beam, scientifically designed to provide the highest level of rider awareness without the risks associated with flashing lights. This is the only waterproof lighting platform with a certified IP67 rating – meaning the light is certified to withstand water immersion up to a depth of 1 meter.  Commute with the added assurance knowing rain or shine the light will keep performing.

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