About Token

We craft innovative products for passionate riders.

Who is TOKEN?

Over a decade ago, we began our journey to make high-quality and innovative products for people who love to ride. We have learned a lot of lessons over the years and this has helped us to constantly improve. Our products have gotten better but we haven’t forgotten why we founded TOKEN. By combining our strengths, we realised that we were able make excellent products that fall within reach of discerning riders. We can’t guarantee that we make the cheapest products but we know that riders will pay more for products that are well-designed and proven to work.

We understand that we have to improve and what it takes to do so. To develop the best products we start with an idea. Sometimes that idea comes from problems we face when we ride. Sometimes we look to other industries and see how improvements can improve bike parts. Sometimes it comes in the middle of sleepless nights. Once we have an idea, we turn it into a prototype, which we then test rigorously on machines. The testing gives us lots of data, which we analyse carefully. We learn why and how parts break or fail and how we can do a better job of designing and manufacturing them.

We take the lessons learnt from testing and apply them to the next generation of products so we continuously improve. Our tests have taught us how to make products that are smooth, light and durable. Year after year, we test and refine our products but that isn’t enough for us. We are never satisfied with current standards – we raise our testing standards so our products continually improve. When testing machines on the market aren’t able to test the products as hard as we want, we build our own. That allows us to always push the edges of materials and manufacturing so we have the best products on the market.

Not all of our testing is done on machines, of course. We love to ride bikes and use the latest parts so we take our products out and try our best to break them. We use our seat-of-the-pants testing to refine our products and ideas. This kind of testing allows us to better understand how design and material changes affect the part we are using. After we have refined a product to the best of our abilities, we then give them to pro riders who push TOKEN parts to their limits.

When a product passes all our testing and the pros have finished abusing it, we are satisfied that the part deserves the TOKEN logo on it. Once it has the logo on it, we stand behind it with our warranty and commitment to customer service. This means that if a rider who runs into a problem, we will do our best to get them back on their bike with minimal delay. After all, no rider likes to be off his or her bike because a part failed.

As TOKEN users’ and our own standards have risen, it has forced us to find new ways to make products better. It’s no longer good enough to make something lighter by machining away excess material. We work hard to develop innovative manufacturing techniques and use cutting-edge materials to help us create products that are lighter, stronger, more aerodynamic and better looking than what has previously been made.

We keep in mind that not everyone has unlimited amounts of money to spend on bike parts so we do our best to keep our products affordable. Some might feel that our products are expensive and we agree that our products aren’t the cheapest. But it costs more to have a product that is thoroughly tested and high-quality than something that is cobbled together. We don’t sell anything that doesn’t perform to our high expectations.

TOKEN is more than just a bike company and we want our products to reflect this. When a TOKEN product is in your hand, you’ll clearly see the pride and craftsmanship used to make it. When you put the products on your bike, you’ll immediately feel the performance improvement. We do all this because we have a passion for extremely well crafted parts and a passion for innovation but most important, we have a passion for riding our bikes.