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Our origins

We were getting bored, so we made things interesting. What we wanted didn’t exist, so we created it. Once it did exist, it was never good enough. So we kept making it better, and better, and better. Ever since we first started riding sketchy, ill-equipped cruisers down Mt. Tam back in ‘82, we’ve built things better because life is better with bikes. We believe better bikes make for an even better life, so we’ve continued to make components that improve every aspect of the riding experience.

we've been doing it for 35 years

It hasn’t gotten any easier, but luckily it hasn’t gotten any harder. We still do it simply because we love doing it. We’re not perfect, and we’re perfectly fine with that. We’ve seen trends come and go. We’ve seen wheel sizes evolve. We’ve witnessed brakes go from “meh” to “wow”. We’ve even watched mountain bikers ride drop bar bikes. We’re proud that we’ve built each and every thing we’ve ever made. They taught us how to build things better.

Saddle technology

Accompanied by new graphics, WTB now offers a complete line of saddles covering a full range of widths and padding thicknesses. However, even the most comfortable saddles require a fit procedure to ensure riders end up on their ideal saddle. The revolutionary WTB Fit Right System uses simple steps to guide riders towards the ideal saddle width and padding thickness that matches their physiology and riding position. Our goal is to provide riders with a saddle that fits so perfectly they forget it’s beneath them.

Featured exclusively on high-end WTB saddles, these small windows are cut away from the base of the saddle to provide additional relief from pressure on sensitive areas. Comfort Zone is a subtle difference that provides impressive long-term comfort.

Found on all WTB saddles, the Love Channel has one very important task: protecting your body from unwanted pressure. The central depression provides soft-tissue relief without sacrificing the structural integrity of the saddle.

Found on most WTB saddles, our Microfiber cover closely replicates the look and feel of a leather cover. The supple nature of the Microfiber Cover allows the foam to support the sit bones without interfering with its resiliency.

Found on entry-level WTB saddles, our Synthetic Cover provides a thicker, more durable cover that is offered at a more affordable price.

Top-tier performance and ultimate weight savings for gram-conscious riders. These rails are designed to provide optimal support at a minimal weight.

Nearly as light as carbon, titanium rails are able to flex without losing structural integrity, making it a great material for saddle rails.

Increased strength and less weight make cromoly steel a noticeable upgrade over traditional steel rails. The perfect choice for bikepackers.

Increased strength and less weight make cromoly steel a noticeable upgrade over traditional steel rails. The perfect choice for bikepackers.


Among the most beloved saddles in WTB history. Designed to suit the female and male form. Comfortable enough that even the manliest men are able to look past the female-focused label.

    • Generous padding and a short nose for easy on/off transitions
    • Female-focused body shape was originally designed to fit the female form, but is also widely loved by males
    • Flat profile providing lots of real estate for positioning.
    Gravel / cross country / trail / enduro


The Silverado is one of WTB’s most iconic and revered saddle shapes. Light-weight and slim, the design oozes speed while proving to be incredibly comfortable. Ride a Silverado and you’ll quickly know what everyone’s raving about.

    • Long, tapered nose and flatter platform provide ample real estate for shifting positions.
    • Optimized padding-to-weight ratio make the Silverado a hit across all disciplines, including road.
    Adventure Road / Gravel / Cross Country / Trail / Enduro

Tire technology

TCS (Tubeless Compatible System) is our standardized tubeless rim/tire system designed to meet international ETRTO standards and ensure ultimate reliability. Pairing WTB’s legendary casings and tread compounds with a tubeless aramid bead provides increased traction and reliability of a tubeless tire, at a lower weight than any tubed alternative. Our TCS system includes tires, rims, tape, sealant and valves to provide a comprehensive package of unrivaled tubeless performance and WTB reliability.

    TCS Sealant allows for the use of a lightweight tire casing while providing superior flat protection.


    TCS Tape provides an airtight seal that eliminates the need for an inner tube to hold air within the tire.

  3. ON-RAMP

    WTB’s On-Ramp bead construction provides a consistent fit between rim and tire for easy installation and inflation.


    Designed around ETRTO standards, Beadlock provides the optimal tubeless rim profile and diameter to ensure superior tire fit and retention.


Byway is for days of endless hard-pack exploration and gravel grinding while also providing noticeable efficiency on any pavement linking it all together. A swiftly smooth centerline is paired to a textured intermediate section that provides a seamless transition onto small outer knobs for unwavering traction in loose dirt and gravel. Prominent outer knobs also extend down the sidewall to provide an additional level of defense from roadside unpleasantries of all shapes and sizes. Byway 34 is an identical replacement to the previously named Exposure 34 tire. We renamed the tire to creating a uniform naming structure where all tires are named according to tread pattern.


    • Smooth centerline for efficiency with diamond shaped outer knobs for grip in the dirt.
    • High volume tire enables comfortable ride.
    • Dual Compound rubber means a fast rolling tire with great corning traction

    USAGE: Adventure Road / Gravel

    CONDITIONS: Pavement / Hardpack / Dirt / Gravel


Among our most versatile drop bar tires, the Venture delivers optimal performance across the widest range of conditions to serve as a truly set-it-and-forget-it gravel tire for riders who demand traction across a wide variety of terrain. Elevated centerline ridges provide consistent working edges that dig in whether hammering up a climb or leaning into a turn. Two rows of outer knobs provide confidence regardless of how hard you’re cornering while also providing substantial sidewall protection. Venture is the tire of choice when the destination is unknown but you’re sure to encounter a variety of terrain along the way.


    • The large, high-volume footprint of each Venture tire allows for more working edges of the tread to always be in contact with the terrain.
    • Rounded profile with vertical channels to enhance cornering characteristics. High volume casing enables comfortable ride.
    • Dual Compound Rubber means a fast rolling tire with great corning traction.

    USAGE: Gravel / Bikepacking

    CONDITIONS: Pavement / Hardpack / Dirt / Gravel / Loose


Built for unfaltering speed through a wide range of conditions, the Riddler delivers added gusto for the rider who places equal priority on traction and efficiency. The Riddler 37 keeps your legs on their game for hours on end and provides tenacious grip in the corners. Incredibly versatile, the Riddler 45 expands the horizons of gravel riding and accommodates longer dirt tours with ease. Equally at home on your local CX course or gravel B-roads – what else do you need?


    • Aggressive cornering knobs meet a low-profile center tread.
    • Riddler 37 is an excellent choice for gravel grinding or dry cyclocross courses.
    • Riddler 45 is an excellent for gravel exploration or drop bar bikepacking

    USAGE: Gravel / Cyclocross

    CONDITIONS: Pavement / Hardpack / Dirt / Gravel


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