JetBlack Z2 Fluid Trainer

The JetBlack Z2 Fluid Trainer is a high quality, smooth and quiet bicycle trainer that provides a more realistic ride feel than other trainers.

The proprietary fluid in the JetBlack Z2 Fluid increases resistance exponentially up to 900 watts. The faster you spin the harder it gets!

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    • Fluid resistance curve up to 900 watts
    • Trainer is pre-assembled and ready to ride
    • JetBlack SQR™ quick release system allows easy mounting and once set remembers your bike position. Set and forget!
    • Rock-solid design is stable for any size or style of rider and the most punishing of training sessions
    • Wide base and anti-slip feet keep the trainer still for even the toughest of riders
    • Wheel compatibility suits road and mountain bike wheels between 700c, 29″, 27.5″, 26″ and many 24″ wheels
    • Folds into compact shape for easy storage and transport
    • 1 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Fluid Resistance

The proprietary Fluid in the JetBlack Fluid Trainers increases resistance exponentially, the faster you spin the harder it gets.

Correct use of your bicycle’s gears will allow you to fine tune any training session without having to manually adjust resistance. When used with the full range of JetBlack sensors, you can enjoy training sessions identical to those used by professional cycling teams. Fluid resistance trainers provide a more ‘road-like’ feel than magnetic trainers and this feel is increased by our weighted flywheel. Our weighted flywheel and patented fluid resistance unit provide a progressive resistance level up to 900 watts.

Ride The World With All Your Favorite Apps

JetBlack smart trainers have been designed with industry standard protocols and electronics to seamlessly connect with most popular training platforms and provide an exceptional riding experience.

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Additional Information
Weight 15.0 kg
Dimensions 0.66 × 0.25 × 0.23 cm


Size: 603 (W) x 620 (D) x 393 (H) mm 23.7 x 24.4 x 15.5 inches

Size after folding: 603 (W) x 485 (D) x 170 (H) mm 23.7 x 19 x 6.7 inches

Total Weight: 10.82kgs/29lbs

Resistance System: Fluid

Resistance Levels: Progressive road-like feel

Watts: 900 at 60km/h

Roller Material: Aluminium

Flywheel Weight: 1.5kgs/3.3lbs

Coast down time: 5+ seconds

Axle Compatibility: 130mm, 135mm (QR and Boltup) 12mm x 142mm with trainer axles. Will suit most bikes with axle width 120mm and 150mm

Wheel Size Compatibility: 26", 27.5", 29er, 700c Some 24" bikes

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