Stans CREST MK3 29 Rim, 32H

The original Crest rim helped introduce XC racers everywhere to the performance advantages of tubeless.

Today’s Crest MK3 is wider and even more versatile, while keeping all the characteristics that make Crest rims so fast on the course.


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Though wider, the Crest MK3 rim is even lighter than previous versions to accelerate quicker and attack the climbs. WideRight 23mm internal width improves stability with wider tires for more control on even the most technical sections of trail. Unlike many rims that have become too wide to work with 2.25” tires, the Crest MK3’s 23mm internal width maintains razor-sharp handling at speed. Inspired by our carbon technology, the Crest MK3 rim shape adds strength and virtually eliminates the chance of a tire pinch flat, allowing you to run the perfect tire pressure for any condition. That means better handling, less rolling resistance, and more traction. Refined over the past 15 years, our Bead Socket Technology offers the most trusted tubeless seal in the business, making the Crest MK3 the best choice for lightweight, tubeless XC performance.


    • 23mm internal rim width for 38mm gravel to 2.25″ XC tires
    • Low-profile shape rolls faster, lasts longer, and helps stop tire pinch flats
    • Laterally stiffer and stronger for improved handling
    • Wider but even lighter than the original Crest
    • More durable rim shape and alloy
    • Most trusted tubeless system for easy setup and low maintenance
    • Legendary Crest climbing and speed in a high volume rim

Product Specs:

Rim Internal Width: 23.0mm            ETRTO: 507×23 (24”) / 559×23 (26”) / 584×23 (27.5”) / 622×23 (29”)
Rim External Width: 26.3mm   ISO: 26.3
Rim Depth: 15.8mm   Tape: 25mm
Hole Count: 24-hole (24”), 28-hole or 32-hole   Valve: Presta
Rim Color: Black   Max Spoke Tension: 95KgF/930N
Material: 6069 Aluminum Alloy   Max Pressure for 38c Tire: 55psi
Brakes: Disc only   Max Pressure for 2″ Tire: 40psi
ERD: 490mm (24”) / 542mm (26”) / 567mm (27.5”) / 605mm (29”)   Max Pressure for 2.3″ Tire: 38psi
      Rim Weight: 295g (24) / 326g (26”) / 341g (27.5) / 364g (29”)

Stan's Technology



Our WideRight profile increases tire volume without negatively affecting tread shape or sidewall height.
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Bead Socket Technology

BST rims are designed to match the shape of your tire’s bead to create a safer and more secure air tight interface.
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