Stans Rim Tape, 60yd x 36mm

Stan’s 36mm Rim Tape is recommended for rims with an internal width of 34-36mm.

  • Creates durable, airtight seal over spoke holes
  • Completely non-porous vapor barrier seals rim interior from moisture
  • Natural gum rubber adhesive sticks where and when you want it to but leaves no residue
  • Low friction surface helps tire beads slip into place
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Stan’s Yellow Tape is designed to work with tubeless-ready wheels. If you’ll be inflating your tires to 45psi or less, one layer of yellow tape over the spoke holes of your rim is all you need. For road tubeless and similar tires that require more than 45psi of pressure, a double wrap of tape is required.


The BST (Bead Socket Technology) developed by Stan’s NoTubes has largely become the “tubeless-ready” standard for all current bicycles, but many older, traditional, non-tubeless-ready bicycle rims are still in use on bicycles. Stan’s Yellow Rim Tape is not, by itself, a tubeless conversion for these older, traditional non-tubeless-ready rims. These older rims require the use of a Stan’s NoTubes Rim Strip (now discontinued) in order to achieve a secure tubeless setup. We strongly recommend considering a new tubeless-ready wheelset in place of a rim strip conversion, but Stan’s Rim Strips and kits may still be available at your local bike shop, and can be used when converting vintage bikes with older, non-tubeless-ready rims. Using only Yellow Rim Tape and Stan’s NoTubes sealant on a non-tubeless-ready rim can result in difficult inflation, and catastrophic “burping” issues. While Stan’s Rim Strips have been discontinued, we continue to provide information and resources to assist in converting non-tubeless-ready wheels.

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