WTB Volt Saddle, Titanium, Wide

The Volt is WTB’s most popular mountain saddle. Shaped for speed and comfort, time tested and proven, the Volt makes for an incredibly versatile saddle that has gained endless acclaim among riders.


  • Medium padding thickness and subtle curves
  • An upward curved tail and gentle drop to the nose provide something to push against while pedalling.

USAGE:  Gravel – Cross Country – Trail – Enduro – Bikepacking

SIZING:  Wide 150 x 265mm

Wholesale Only
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Rail MaterialRail ColorWeightDetailsWidthLengthSit Bone Range
Carbon* (7mm x 9mm)Carbon165gMicrofiber Cover / Flex-Tuned Shell / DNA PaddingNarrow – 135mm265mm69-101mm
TitaniumMetal and matte black208gMicrofiber Cover / Flex-Tuned Shell / DNA PaddingNarrow – 135mm265mm69-101mm
CromolyMetal and gloss black290gMicrofiber Cover / Flex-Tuned Shell / HLX + Gel PaddingNarrow – 135mm265mm69-101mm
SteelGloss black292gMicrofiber Cover / Flex-Tuned Shell / DNAx PaddingNarrow – 135mm265mm69-101mm
TitaniumMetal and matte black225gMicrofiber Cover / Flex-Tuned Shell / DNA PaddingMedium – 142mm265mm102-130mm
CromolyMetal and gloss black310gMicrofiber Cover / Flex-Tuned Shell / HLX + Gel PaddingMedium – 142mm265mm102-130mm
SteelGloss black315gMicrofiber Cover / Flex-Tuned Shell / DNAx PaddingMedium – 142mm265mm102-130mm
TitaniumMetal and matte black230gMicrofiber Cover / Flex-Tuned Shell / DNA PaddingWide – 150mm265mm131-155mm
CromolyMetal and gloss black315gMicrofiber Cover / Flex-Tuned Shell / HLX + Gel PaddingWide – 150mm265mm131-155mm
SteelGloss black320gMicrofiber Cover / Flex-Tuned Shell / DNAx PaddingWide – 150mm265mm131-155mm

*Recommended torque for all carbon rails: Vertical load clamp- 80 in-lbf (9.0N*m). Side-load clamp- 120 in-lbf (13.5 N*m)

Recommended torques are specific to WTB carbon saddles. You must also consult the saddle User’s Manual for the seat post’s recommended torque. If the seat post torque recommendation exceeds the saddle’s recommendation’s always use the lower torque recommendation. 

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