JB 3-Bike Trunk Jetrack with 6 Bungee Cords

Code: JBRK-1135

One of the simplest, most compatible, no fuss bike racks available

JetBlack Trunk Racks are one of the most compatible, versatile and no fuss bike racks in the market place. The JetBlack Easy-Fit-SystemTM, has been designed to be one of the easiest bike transport systems, without the need for complicated locking systems. The Innovative Easy-Fit-SystemTM will fit nearly all bike frame designs from children’s bikes to E-Bikes and road bikes to downhill mountain bikes. All without any adaptors or supports.

  1. Carries up to 3 bicycles
  2. Compatible with most sedans, wagons, vans, and hatch backs
  3. Secure straps and hooks
  4. High density rubber foam padding (non-skid) protects your vehicle’s finish
  5. Easy-Fit-SystemTM
  6. Fits all styles of bicycles (Children’s bikes to Adult bikes)
  7. Unique, simple and secure bungees, for bicycle attachment
  8. Anti-sway strap included for bicycle security
  9. Adjustable frame pads protect the first loaded bicycle
  10. Weight limit: 45 kg (99 lbs.)