Light & Motion Vis Micro II 65 Lumens

Code: LM856-0462-C


The Light & Motion Vis Micro II rear bike light offers both high-powered visibility and convenience with its compact design. Featuring an exclusive SafePulse beam proven to enhance a driver's depth perception while approaching a cyclist, it combines high-power LEDs, custom reflectors and a rechargeable battery for the ultimate in day and night visibility.

• 60 Lumen Output Certified to the FL-1 Standard
• SafePulse Proven to Aid In Driver's Ability to Locate and Accurately Judge Depth Perception of Cyclist
• Dedicated Amber Sidelights for Intersection Visibility
• Engineered With the Highest Level CREE LED and Enhanced Firmware
• Custom Engineered Reflectors and Optical Solutions Optimize Light To Distribute Red and Amber Illumination
• Paceline Mode Maintains Sidelighting but Turns Off Rear Red Light for Group Riding
• Snap-On Clip Allows Secure Mounting to Loops on Saddle Bags and Backpacks

• Seat Post Mount & Micro USB Charging Cable