Weldtite Jetvalve Smart System Seat Post Mount

Code: W7022

The Jetvalve Smart System Seatpost Mount is a lightweight and easy to carry CO2 inflation system. It contains a CO2 inflator, two spare cartridges and mounts quickly and easily to your seatpost with secure silicone fixings holding everything in place.

A specially designed removable collar allows a cartridge to be threaded into the inflator head without being pierced, allowing you to carry or store an extra cartridge without any chance of leaks.

Top Features of the Jetvalve Smart System Seatpost Mount

• Lightweight and convenient
• Quick and easy to fit and remove
• Comes complete with pump head, silicone straps for secure fixing and two 16g CO2 cycinders
• Can be mounted in multiple locations on the bike
• Compatible with all threaded CO2 cartridges