WTB - Riddler 2.4 27.5 Fast Roll

Code: WT-W010-0586

Riddler :: 2.4" :: 27.5" 

TCS: TCS Light (Fast Rolling)
USAGE: Cross Country / All Mountain
CONDITIONS: Damp/Hardpack to Sand
WEIGHT: 868g

Named after WTB Athlete Nathan Riddle, the Riddler hungers for speed yet hangs on in the corners, remaining composed and unflappable, just like Nathan Riddle‘s riding style. Large, supported toothy side knobs and densely packed, low center tread make the Riddler a hit beyond the gravity enthused as multiple widths and wheel sizes also keep the cross country, weight conscious happy with a lightweight do-it-all. 


Well this is my tire. Like as in I got to help design it and got to specify a bunch of stuff about it. Full disclosure. There you have it. That said.. We nailed it! Rolls super fast due to the tight 60 duromter center tread and corners amazing with the 40-ish compound side knobs. That was something in particular I fought for. I wanted it on a 57mm casing because I just like the way that size tire feels/rolls/corners. I wanted the most pronounced transition zone from center tread to side knobs wtb has done yet to help the tire edge like crazy. It does. I run these front and rear around Ashland Oregon most of the year. They work great on anything from pavement firm hardpack to loose soils over hardpack. They even do well in the wet as long as it's not a really clay based mud. I think most people see this tire as a rear only. I ride it as front and rear most of the year. I really works awesome that way. Hope you like it.