Frame Design

Tapered Head Tube

The Mach 4, M4X, Mach 5.7, Mach 6, Mach 429, and LES models all use a 1.5 zero stack headset and feature an upper OD of 44mm and lower OD of 56mm. This design keeps the front-end height low and enables maximum flexibility in bike fit for a wide range of riders. In addition to the reduced front end height, the large-diameter tapered head tube design is lighter and stronger. The cups press in and remove just like a traditional headset. The 1.5 zero stack design is available from Cane Creek, Ritchey, FSA, Acros, Chris King, and, of course, our own Pivot Phoenix precision sealed cartridge model to match the quality and aesthetics of your Pivot frame.

Press Fit 92 BB

Pivot was the first frame manufacturer to feature the 92mm wide bottom bracket shell standard. We developed the PF92 BB system for mountain bikes in conjunction with Shimano and launched the new design on the first Pivot frames in 2007.

Press fit 92 has since become the leading standard for high-end mountain bikes. The PF92BB system offers better bearing alignment and better support of the bearings. With the PF92 system, there are no external washers or threads in the shell. The bearings are housed in light composite resin (or aluminum) cups with a fully-sealed sleeve to keep out the elements. This design allows for easy crank installation, with no frame facing or special spacers required. Chain line is optimized and as an added advantage, the bearings are extremely easy to replace. We can design a lighter, better integrated and more durable frame bike with the PF92 design. In carbon, it has the added benefit of eliminating a separate aluminum shell bonded into the carbon frame. Another benefit is that the XTR version includes a 3-year warranty from Shimano. The PF92 system works with Shimano, SRAM, FSA, E-Thirteen and Race Face cranks as well as many others. Enduro, Chris King and several other aftermarket companies offer both replacement bottom brackets and bearings to support every major crank brand.

Direct Mount Front Derailleur

Pivot is the first company to mount a derailleur directly to the front triangle of the frame, thus eliminating issue with derailleur mounting location, angle and chain-line issues.

A direct-mount front derailleur frame design also provides a more rigid and secure mounting surface for the front derailleur, resulting in quick, precise shifting. Depending on the design, Pivot frames feature either an e-type or high direct-mount system.

Pivot design and Over-sized Bearings

Bigger bearings make for a smoother-running frame and better bearing longevity.

 Pivot uses only the highest quality EnduroMax bearings. The size of the bearings on Pivot frames, combined with overall linkage design, results in superior frame stiffness, long term durability and simple, easy replacement when it does come time to replace your pivots.


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